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Virtual Special Issue of IJMSEM
2016-06-12 Click:2288

We have observed many new changes and challenges as we enter into a new century. For example, the rapid development of information technology and theory has allowed companies to store every single bit of information about production, inventory, service, and consumer activities. Increasingly powerful CPUs and cloud computing make it possible to do complex optimization instead of using heuristic algorithms, as well as instant rather than offline decision making.

The challenges of this “big data” era include the analysis, capture, curation, search, sharing, storage, transfer, visualization, and privacy violations and it calls for better integration of optimization, statistics and data mining. Big data has changed the research in Management Science and Engineering Management, which has led to many current and future scientific and technological challenges.

In view of all these challenges, issues and changes, the International Journal of Management Science and Engineering Management is pleased to present this virtual special issue on: Contemporary Research in Management Science and Engineering Management.

This virtual special issue showcases:

  • New advances and open questions on engineering management

  • Hot & new concepts (such as “ecological engineering”) being introduced in engineering management

  • New solving technologies for traditional management science and engineering management problems

We hope you will enjoy reading the articles in this issue.


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