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The 11th ICMSEM held Ceremoniously in Jul. 28-Aug. 2, 2017, in Kanazawa, Japan
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The 11th ICMSEM held Ceremoniously in Jul. 28-Aug. 2, 2017, in Kanazawa, Japan

  The 11th International Conference on Management Science and Engineering Management (ICMSEM), organized by International Society of Management Science and Engineering Management (ISMSEM) and co-organized by Kanazawa University and Sichuan University, was held at the Kanazawa, Japan, from Jul. 28 to Aug. 2, 2017.


  • Opening Ceremony and Award

The organizing committee chair, Prof. Mistuo Gen, at Fuzzy Logic Systems Institute, Tokyo University of Science, hosted the opening ceremony of the 11th ICMSEM on Jul. 29, 2017, at 09:00 a.m. On behalf of the co-organizers, Professor Koetsu Yamazaki, President of Kanazawa University and Professor Yoshihiko Uesugi, Dean of Graduate School of Kanazawa University, presented the warm welcomes to the university and most sincere wishes for a successful meeting.

The general chair and the president of ISMSEM, Prof. Dr. Dr. Jiuping Xu at Sichuan University, presented the sincere appreciation to the co-organizers for their perfect work, the warm welcome to all conference participants, and a brief introduction to the ICMSEM series.

  The 2017 Advancement Prize for MSEM was also awarded during the opening ceremony. The prizes were rigorously selected from the recognized 150 full papers as valid entries from 873 submissions by 20 jury board consisting of Algeria, Australia, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Canada, China, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Japan, Korea, the Republic of Moldova, Pakistan, Portugal, Spain, Thailand, the UK, the USA, Uzbekistan and Vietnam. It was observed that some of the submissions have a team of researchers from both developed as well as developing countries.



  • 2017 ISMSEM Prize

   Advancement Prize for MSEM Grand Prize is awarded to Imam Tahyudin and Hidetaka Nambo for the excellent paper titled The Rules Determination of Numerical Association Rule Mining Optimization by Using Combination of PSO and Cauchy Distribution. 

   Advancement Prize for MSEM Runners-up Prize is awarded to Gheorghe Duca and Aliona Mereuţa for the excellent paper titled Solid Waste Management in the Republic of Moldova. Another runners-up Prize is also awarded to Susana Duarte and Virgilio Cruz Machado for the excellent paper titled Exploring Linkages between Lean and Green Supply Chain and the Industry 4.0.


Advancement Prize for MSEM Nominated

   Prize is awarded to Min Seok Lee and Young Jae Jang for the excellent paper titled Charging Infrastructure Allocation for Wireless Charging Transportation System. The Prize is also awarded to Akram Kheirabadi, Asadollah Mahmoudzadeh Vaziri and Sohrab Effati for the excellent paper titled A New Approach for Solving Optimal Control Problem by Using Orthogonal Function. At the same time, the Prize is awarded to Umair Akram, Peng Hui, Muhammad Kaleem Khan, Muhammad Hashim, Yixin Qiu and Ying Zhang for the excellent paper titled Online Impulse Buying on “Double Eleven” Shopping Festival: An Empirical Investigation of Utilitarian and Hedonic Motivations.


  • Keynote Address Presentations

    Eight keynote speakers from Azerbaijan, Canada, Moldova, Japan, Korea, Portugal and USA have given the plenary reports on the morning of Jul. 29-31. In view of the understandings on management science and engineering management, these keynote speakers stated the frontiers of their research, which triggered a heated discussion among the participants.

  • Parallel Sessions

   This conference also included 8 parallel sessions, wherein scholars from Sichuan University and other international institutes contribute their 15-20 minutes presentations. All sessions were well attended with periods of intensive after presentation exchanges, an indication of the scientific interest in the various developments and trends of optimization, data mining and related fields of modern OR in the management science and engineering management sector.



  • Workshop

   This conference also included workshop on “Industry 4.0” and “Waste Management” during Aug. 1-2, wherein two scholars Young Jae Jang from Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Korea and Liming Yao from Sichuan University, China contributed their 25 minutes presentations. All talks were well discussed in detail with workshop attendees, who came from China, USA, Japan Azerbaijan, Korea, Portugal and so on.


  • Conference Proceedings

  The conference proceedings were published as a Springer Proceedings Book with ISBN. This proceedings volume includes the full papers of the communications presented at the conference, which underwent a peer refereeing process.

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